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Infant feeding


Please note, this page and most of the resources linked reference "breasts" ,  "breastfeeding" , "breastmilk" , "mother", etc. We understand that these terms are not preferred by all individuals.  If needed, please inform the professionals looking after you of your preferred terms.

Why breastfeed?

The healthiest start for your baby is receiving only breastmilk for the first 6 months. From around 6 months of age you should start introducing your baby to solid food alongside continued breastfeeding. Breastfeeding up to 2 years and beyond is natural and healthiest for babies - and for you, too!

antibodies in body.jpg

It contains antibodies to help protect your baby from infections and diseases


It meets all of your baby's nutritional needs

Breastfeeding & health

Breastfeeding & our planet

Having gestational diabetes means you ar

Breastfeeding provides health benefits for mum too


Breastmilk is available whenever you baby needs it

Connecting with your baby

Money & finances

Preparing for breastfeeding

You do not need to make any decisions in pregnancy about how you would like to feed your baby, but we do want you to have all of the information you need so you can make the choice that is right for you and your baby once they are born.  Whatever choice you make will be completely respected.

Your body & breastfeeding

Previous breast surgery

Previous difficult experiences

Diabetes and breastfeeding

Expecting an early or unwell baby

About breastfeeding

What will you need to buy

Antenatal hand expressing

Expecting twins or multiples

Support available

Breastfeeding through pregnancy

Did you know...

Breastfeeding reduces you baby's risk of many illnesses including infections. It also reduces your risk of illness including breast and ovarian cancers and Type 2 diabetes.

Dads, partners and other support persons

Did you know that having good support from their loved ones means a breastfeeding parent is more likely to overcome challenges?  It can be hard knowing how to help, or difficult to see someone that you love facing difficulties - if you're not sure what to do or say, the best thing to do is ask!

How you can help

Support available

Beginning you breastfeeding journey

Each breastfeeding experience is completely unique - you and your baby are learning together.  It can take time before you feel fully confident, particularly with how to hold and latch your baby for a feed.  It is not unusual to ned a little extra support until breastfeeding is more established - if you are experiencing challenges or have questions, the best thing to do is reach out for support.

Off to the best start

How breastmilk is made

Twins & multiples

Expressing your milk

Breastfeeding & your lifestyle

How to breastfeed

Early or unwell babies

Possible challenges

Tandem feeding

Support available

Did you know...

Comforting and responding to your baby releases hormones which stimulates your baby's brain development

Other milk

It is rare to be unable to produce enough breast milk for your baby, but sometimes extra support is needed until your supply is well established. The more breast milk you provide for your baby, the greater the protection from illness for you both. If you are breastfeeding, giving other milk may affect your own milk supply. If you are not breastfeeding or expressing breastmilk for your baby, first infant formula should be used.

Supply worries & re-lactation

Formula milk

Ways to give other milk

Doner breastmilk


Support available

Did you know...

There are many sources of support available to you to help with feeding your baby

Introducing solids

Key information

Support available

Breastfeeding older babies and beyond...

What's normal for human babies

Breastfeeding & teething

Relationships & sex

Your baby & sleep

Returning to work

Support available

Ending your breastfeeding journey

Sometimes stopping breastfeeding happens very naturally when your child is ready, but sometimes you may make the decision to gradually slow down and stop breastfeeding.  This is an important decision and needs to feel right to you - you should never feel pressured into stopping before you are ready.  Here in the United Kingdom, "natural term breastfeeding" - where weaning is completely led by your child - is less common, but in many parts of the world children may breastfeed.

Stopping breastfeeding

Support available

Breastfeeding promotion in Lincolnshire

There is lots of work going on to promote and support successful breastfeeding across Lincolnshire. Families, friends, nurseries, schools, workplaces, businesses - everyone has a part to play in making a Breastfeeding Friendly Lincolnshire!

Baby Friendly Initiative

Breastfeeding Friendly Lincolnshire

Breastfeeding and our NHS

Latch On Lincolnshire

MNVP infant feeding survey

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