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Support for your and your family


Having a family is a fantastic life experience however it can sometimes be challenging and this can put a strain on all family members at times. In this section you can find out some tips on staying well and where to go for support when things feel a challenge.

Well-being tips for the whole family


Spend time with family and friends


Try to develop good sleep habits


Talk! Reach out to people and tell them how you feel.


Eat a well balanced diet


Try to keep to a routine


Take time to relax


Plan some activity in to each day

Parenting support

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Lincolnshire Children's Centres are a great source of support for all Lincolnshire parents. 

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Lincolnshire Children's Therapy Services offer support with child development. 


An essential guide for new dads and co-parents developed with the NHS.


Information for partners about what is happening during pregnancy.

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If you are in a relationship or family who are arguing and have conflict there is free support available from Lincolnshire County Council.


Advice for partners during pregnancy.


NHS Lincolnshire Integrated Care Board have share links to a variety of different support services for children and young people.

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Gingerbread provide information and support to single parents and their families. 

Additional support

Your mental health before, during and after pregnancy

Supporting your mental health

Supporting your child's mental health

Support with money

Support with household costs

Relationship support

Drug, alcohol and tobacco support

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