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Local Maternity & Neonatal System (LMNS)

The LMNS is a partnership of people involved in maternity and neonatal services who work together to improve services, make them safer and personalised to the people who use them.  

The LMNS members include:

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  • Maternity & Neonatal Voices Partnership (MNVP)

  • Lincolnshire NHS Integrated Care Board

  • Maternity & Neonatal Programme Team

  • United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust (ULHT)

  • Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LPFT)

  • Lincolnshire NHS Community Health Services (LCHS)

  • East Midlands NHS Neonatal Operational Delivery Network

  • Lincolnshire County Council

  • East Midlands Academic Health Science Network

  • NHS East Midlands

  • Maternity & Newborn Safety Investigations

  • Healthwatch Lincolnshire

LMNS Priorities

Underpinned by the NHS England Three Year Delivery Plan for Maternity and Neonatal Services, our priorities are:

Listening to women and families 

Supporting our workforce

Developing and sustaining a culture of safety

Meeting and improving standards and structures

How we measure our progress

We will measure our progress in the following ways:

  • Reducing the number of still births

  • Reducing the number of neonatal deaths

  • Reducing the number of maternal deaths and brain injuries

  • Promoting choice to women and their families

  • Ensuring women have personalised care plans

  • Improving workforce retention rates

Maternity & Neonatal Programme Team

The Maternity & Neonatal Programme Team (Better Births) work within the Lincolnshire NHS Integrated Care Board and support the Local Maternity & Neonatal System by leading on the coordination and implementation of programme delivery.

The team recently worked with NHS Armed Forces and the Maternity Voices Partnership to launch a new pilot.  Click here to read about the Military Maternity Project.

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