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Lincolnshire LMNS

Local Maternity & Neonatal Systems (LMNS) were introduced in 2017 following a national review of maternity services.  The vision for the Local Maternity & Neonatal Systems is set out in the Better Births Report.

Local Maternity & Neonatal Systems are partnerships between all organisations involved in maternity and neonatal care. The partners work together to deliver appropriate services for the population they work with.


 The Lincolnshire LMNS is a partnership between;

- Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP)

- United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

- Lincolnshire NHS Integrated Care Board

- Maternity & Neonatal Programme Team (Better Births Lincolnshire)

- Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

- Lincolnshire NHS Community Health Services

- Lincolnshire County Council

- East Midlands Academic Health Science Network

- East Midlands NHS Neonatal Operational Delivery Network

- NHS East Midlands

The partners involved in the Lincolnshire LMNS want to develop innovative new services to make sure you are well supported and informed at every stage of your pregnancy, enabling you to make decisions about your care which are best suited to you and your family. We are working together to ensure that it’s not only easier for you to access high-quality care, but that you are also able to choose the services most suited to your needs.

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Maternity & Neonatal Programme Team

The Maternity & Neonatal Programme Team (Better Births) work within the Lincolnshire NHS Integrated Care Board and support the Local Maternity & Neonatal System by leading on the coordination and implementation of programme delivery.

The team recently worked with NHS Armed Forces and the Maternity Voices Partnership to launch a new pilot.  Click here to read about the Military Maternity Project.

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Maternity Voices Partnership

The Lincolnshire Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) is an independent NHS working group of women and their families who review and contribute towards developing maternity services within Lincolnshire.

To find our more about the Lincolnshire MVP, please click here.

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