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Hospital Discharge Information


This video will provide you with all of the necessary information for your discharge home.

Coping with baby crying

It can be difficult and upsetting to hear your baby cry. It is normal for babies to cry and there are comfort methods to try and soothe your baby.  As long as your baby is safe, it is ok to walk away for a few minutes. 


ICON have created a leaflet with some tips on how to cope with your baby crying.


The video below has been developed by Public Health England and ICON.

Pelvic health

Your pelvic muscles sit underneath your bladder, womb and bowels.  Pregnancy can put a strain on these muscles and it is important to exercise them after pregnancy.

Pelvic floor exercises are recommended during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby.

For more information

Visit the following pages for more information about sleeping, feeding, crying and who to contact if you are concerned about yourself or your baby.

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